It’s almost 9 years of residing in the land of my birthplace; 9 years away from the motherland! I vividly remember, one of the situations I struggled with, was  having a true tribe. A part of me wanted to remain patriotic and adhere strictly to tribes that reminded me of the motherland. It didn’t matter if […]

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Gifted hands (part III)-The plan

Me: Hi Belinda! It’s been a while ! What are you up to these days? Belinda: Girl! I am fine! I’m taking sewing lessons, somewhere downtown. Me: Wow! That’s great! Can you take me there ? I’m interested in learning how to use a sewing machine. First of all, how much is the cost? Belinda: […]

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What’s your name???

If I had no ties with my mother land, Certainly, I would wonder at the complexity of our names. Repetitions of consonants in odd places that makes one feel like a tongue twister. Spelt with phonetics to make pronunciation easy. Alas! Can it be any simpler ? One may ask. “I can’t make any promises […]

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Gifted hands (part II) The strike!!

Repent! Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand! (just like John the baptist, crying in the wilderness….lol!) These words from a group of enthusiastic students,standing in front of our hall of residence.  Pretty much excited to share their faith and invite everyone to fellowship with them. We  had various faith based groups on […]

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Asoebi !!!!- the concept

If you’re a Nigerian female, your life is not complete without some type of function that requires asoebi (at least in my opinion ♥). These days we have asoebi for everything ; naming ceremony, wedding, baby shower, graduation, funeral, etc. Shout out to my Yoruba peeps! You guys are always on point! People, the yorubas […]

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